Punjab Computer Language

Send                                                                Sutto

Insert                                                              Wich Paao
Attachment                                                  Naal Laao
Edit                                                                  Sidda Karo
View                                                                Waikhee Jaao
Forward                                                         Aggay Sutto
Inbox                                                              Undar Da Daak Khaana
Outbox                                                           Baar Da Daak Khana
Trash                                                               Mitti Paao
Sent Items                                                     Bheji Gayee Dak
Address Book                                              Patay Wali Kaapy
Reply                                                               Bejan Walay Nu Jawab do
Reply All                                                        Saareyaan Nu Jawab do
Delete                                                              Daffa Karo
Download                                                      Thallay Laao
Download All                                               Saary Cheezan Noon Thallay Laao
Properties                                                     Jaidaad
Connect                                                          Naal Milaao
Fonts                                                               Likhaai
Accounts                                                      Galla
Drafts                                                              Chitheeyaan
Find                                                                 Labbo
Paste                                                                Thook Naal Chipkaao
From                                                                Bhejan Walaa Banda
To                                                                      Door Betha Hoya Banda
Subject                                                            Khaas Gall
Carbon Copy                                                 Koelay Walee Naqal
Blind Carbon Copy                                     Anni Koelay Walee Naqal
Stationery                                                      Pensal, Rubburd, Shaapnar
Folders                                                            Thailay
High priority                                                 Waddee Takleef
and finally

Ctrl+Alt+Delete                                           Sara Syapa Mukao..



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One Response to Punjab Computer Language

  1. Punjabi says:

    and whats a website called in Punjabi.. Jalle wich than?

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