President Zardari Jokes

A man standing in a long que for bread tells the guy behind him that he is leaving to go to shoot the president. He returns after a few hours and rejoins the line.

“Did you manage to kill him?”ask the people in the bread line.
“No. That que is longer than this one.”

Robber to President Zardari: Give me all your money!
Zardari: Do you know who I am? I am Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan .
Robber: In that case, give me all MY money.

TV anchor: “Terrorists have kidnapped our beloved President Zardari and are demanding $5,000,000 or they will burn him with petrol. Please donate what you can. I have donated five liters.”

The Postmaster General of Pakistan makes an announcement: “We are forced to withdraw the stamp recently issued to commemorate Zardari’s ascension to the Presidency. The people of Pakistan are confused which side on the stamp to spit on.”

Announcement In Zardari’s official airplane: “Mr. President , We are about to land. Could you please put Hina Rabbani ( Pakistan ‘s foreign minister) in an upright position?”

Pakistani to American: What do you guys do with thieves?
American: We treat them humanely and give them nice food, warm clothes and long jury trials.
Pakistani: That’s nothing. We give them the presidency

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