`He is Not Your Real Father’

33_1113251973Mother: Son I’m sorry I slept with someone that is not your dad 23 years ago.
And that person on the phone is your real father.
Son:      Mum, what utter rubbish! How am I to deal with this?
Mother: I am sorry he was my first love and I could not marry him ’cause we are of different religion. He is on the phone at the moment and wants to speak with his son for the first time ever.
Son:      No i am speaking to no one. Mr. Trivedi is the only father i know and so will that be.
Mother: Please don’t be so upset. Just talk to him.
Son:      Ok, I will give him a piece of my mind!
Phone:  Morning Son, I am Mukesh Ambani. I am your real father.
Son:      Maa ki Aaaannkkhhh…  Dad! Dad! Dad!!! Thank God! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Thank God! Luv u so much Dad!

I always knew there was something special about me..

Thank you soooo much mum.    You are the best mum in d world!

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