Faith Healing Cannot Raise the Dead

Clip_50The men at the bar tells tells their mate “You look depressed, what is the matter?”

“my wife gives it to me just once a week” came the mournful reply.

Bloody hell said his mates “You are lucky” She cut some of us out altogether!
The faith healer on the radio proclaims that he could heal anyone who does what he tells them to……”Just put one hand on the radio and other on the part of the body that needs healing and you will be cured!”. The aged husband dutifully puts one hand on the radio and the other on his male member.

“No” said his wife who was watching and sorrowfully. The faith healer said that he could heal the sick, not raise the dead!

“Sex is like a savings account. In both accounts one loses interest from the moment of withdrawal.”

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