In Trust We God

I dunnoo about you.

Clip_14I did see this one several times before but it has never failed to get ones wildest imagination up and running…..just imagine you and your buddies in the Punjab,,,., just walking down Central Avenue, shopping,remember you got to GO SLOW………..Accident Porn Area, then to look at Royal Food Wear, and Lovely Hair Cutting Saloon where they give you a BODY MASAZ,they also do MENE KURE ,PADI KURE..or the Super Saloon,,that offers to DYE,FACHIAL,MESSES & CHILDREN CUTTING as well.?

Any takers? Wow! Having skipped the H: RAMESH PAST FOOD and VAG SANDWICH the NIWANT CHAINEESE CENTRE that warns NO PARKING up front ,,,we step into SPICE CHAT, Spicy Biriyani House for Breakfast Launch Dinner. While the LEADIES nip in to the LEADIES TOILET to powder their pretty noses,the JENTS or JENS pay a visit to the WOSBESIN… however don’t try going into ( ‘KICHEEN ROOM… PERMISION NOT ALOUD ).Getting comfy we take a look at the wine list “what will it be Vadka or Wiskee or a child bear strong?since the Punjab Police points out ‘Drink Safe before Driving’… LEADIES  want to try some  Fresh Visitable Juice …. Lets get something to munch…how about Cilli Beep or Carlic Beep or the Chicken Peppar or Manguriyan….? I’ll get two plates of Dragon Cheken Moms and Testy Pyaz Pakoda….before ordering the main course…Biriyani which promises you get a cock with each Biriyani,,,,doesn’t yr mind zip thru space at the speed of light tickling the funny bone in transit?…Having enjoyed a sumptuous meal, lts have a Stobre Pasty only 30/- each…..Have no fear OM HEALTH PATHOLOGYCAL DIAGNOSTIC is near… where they advertise a Centre for all TASTS….. ETC TASTED HERE. What more can a body ask for?

Just remember that ‘These Guys’ went to the MILKY WAY ENGLISH SCHOOL and brushed up their vocabulary at ANUS ENGLISH ACADEMY, some were granted higher studies at the SCHALORSHIPS SECTION…mai hoon naa…

Have a wonderfuld weekend.


Bye for now,


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