Gujju Enterprise

247955_1833329231136_1177561790_1654531_3253507_n_2In Japan in a soap manufacturing company,  they were making bathing soaps.

The soap blocks were made, then wrapped in a wrapping paper automatically on an assembly conveyer belt and finally packed in cartons.

Many times it happened that the wrapping machine wrapped the paper without soap. i.e. you had an empty packet without soap.  To rectify this problem the Japanese company bought a x-ray scanner from the US for $60,000/- to check on the  assembly line whether the container contained soap and wasn’t empty.

A similar problem happened at Nirma soaps, in Gujaraath.. Guess what the Gujjus did?

They bought a Crompton fan costing around $30 and placed it on the edge of the assembly line.

The empty wrappers without soaps just blew away!

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