Maharajah of Mysore & Rolls Royce

Clip_251This happened in the 1940s, during British rule.

The Maharaja of Mysore asked about the price of a Rolls Royce car
while on a visit to London.

He was snubbed by the sales staff who didn t know who he was.

On return to India, the Maharaja imported a Rolls Royce through
government channels and used it for garbage collection in the Mysore palace garden!

The Times of London carried a front-page report with a striking photograph of the Rolls full of garbage.

Shocked, the Rolls Royce people pleaded with the Maharaja not to damage the prestige of their car.

They offered to buy his Rolls back at a higher price! Replied the Maharaja, “Rolls Royce is ideal for garbage collection.

In fact, I would like to buy two more from you, as my palace generates a lot of garbage.

The price is immaterial.

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