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Black Condom Leads to a Black Child

A “just married” white couple decided to make love on their wedding night in the hotel. The wife did not want to get pregnant and requested the husband to buy condoms from the shop nearby. When the husband went out, … Continue reading

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No Panty in the Plane

Three large black ladies were getting ready to take a plane trip for the very first time. The first lady said, ‘I don’t know bout y’all, but I’m gunna put me on sum hot pink panties beefo’ I gets on … Continue reading

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Africans to be the First to be Thrown Out from a Plane

A twin-engine passenger plane has an engine failure and the altitude and speed are decreasing rapidly. The pilot speaks over the intercom, “I’m sorry it has come to this ladies and gentlemen, but unfortunately we are going to have to … Continue reading

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